Jean-Walter 2022

My specificity

My specificity is to support my “students” in the development and finalization of one of their projects.  Whether it’s artistic like a movie script, documentary or a TV series bible. Or entrepreneurial like creating a business plan, creating a company, setting up a showcase site, setting up a specific communication or implementing a digital marketing strategy.

This support can then be extended in the form of mentoring over a fixed period.

In order to devote myself fully to my business and to the satisfaction of my clients, I chose to join Perspectives, a cooperative of entrepreneurs.

This approach allows me to benefit from the freedom of an entrepreneur while benefiting from an employee status as soon as the turnover allows it.
And of course to benefit from the support and exchanges with the other entrepreneurs of the cooperative.


I worked in audiovisual for over 30 years. In cinema and television.  Without forgetting advertising, institutional, animation, stereoscopic 3D, new technologies and new digital screens. An eclectic path that allowed me to learn different practices, different approaches, different methods.

As a writer-director, I have written and directed several short fiction films – some of which are visible on my Youtube page – as well as some institutional films.

I founded and ran a film production company for about fifteen years. As such, I was a member of the Union of Independent Producers.

I was also Associate Managing Director of LaTV3D, a Video on Demand platform for films exclusively in 3D.

My news

Today I am mainly dedicated to training, both professional and for individuals.  

In particular, I develop online courses based on reverse pedagogy, digital learning and blending learning.

I also act as a consultant to authors and entrepreneurs to advise them in the development of some of their projects, and to help them solve some of their problems.

I still maintain an activity in audiovisual and cinematographic creation, which are my favorite fields.

I am an associate member of the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers as a screenwriter, and a member of the association UP3D which brings together 3D professionals.

Thus, the flagship training that I offer is devoted to the art of telling compelling and convincing stories. What we commonly call : storytelling.

Consultant, Trainer, Storyteller

Based in the south of France. Available, online, worldwide.
33 years of diverse professional experience.





What some customers and subscribers say about me

Sophie C.

"Jean-Walter’s help was very valuable. His answers were always very detailed and very accessible. His always kind and positive advice."

Jean G.

"I was impressed by the accuracy and quality of the information in your post: Telling a Story and Convincing. I thank you for that."

Philippe F.

"Your support is always valuable and your opinion important. Thank you for your help."

Guy L.V.

"I am truly touched by the quality of your answers. Your knowledge shows me in what abyss of ignorance I am. Thank you again."