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I am a consultant, trainer and storyteller.
My areas of expertise are versatile. They range from writing screenplays to setting up companies, creating websites, managing projects, seeking financing, investors or producers.

Consultant, trainer, Storyteller

Based in the south of France. Available, online, worldwide.
33 years of diverse professional experiences.




Jean-Walter 2022

Who am I ?

I am Jean-Walter, Trainer Head of Instructional Engineering, Author and Blogger. I have worked in cinema and audiovisual for over 30 years. I gained eclectic experience from writing a script to creating and managing a production company and a stereoscopic streaming 3D video platform.

This atypical and versatile path allowed me to acquire various skills and real expertise in these different areas. This allowed me to add the role of consultant to my activities. The versatility and complementarity of all these skills allows me to offer training and services particularly adapted to the problems of my clients. This represents a real asset for all those who embark on a new activity.

No matter what you hear, words and ideas can change the world.
Robin Williams
Dead Poets Society

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